Who am I?

dsc_8333Landi Jackson-James is a native US Virgin Islander who was born on the island of St. Thomas to local business owners.  In 1996, she left St. Thomas to continue her education in Atlanta, GA.  After graduating with her undergraduate degree, Landi accepted a position with the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA where she was extremely successful, and after earning numerous promotions, she and her family relocated to the Washington DC area where she accepted a position with the US Department of Labor to become the Director of their newly formed Project Management Office.  Landi currently works in the Office of Innovation at the Food and Drug Administration where she is spearheading IT Innovation for all of FDA and its partners.  In this capacity, Landi has received numerous awards and accolades, worked with individuals from the White House, the Surgeon General’s office, Apple, Google, Microsoft and engaged in innovation-focused international relations with Delegates from China and India. 

In the midst of a very successful and fulfilling professional career, Landi created and founded LaLa Speakx, a Coaching, Mentoring, and Motivational Speaking company that provides services to middle and high school-aged children, college-aged individuals, and professional adults. LaLa Speakx seeks to uplift, empower, encourage the acceptance and celebration of uniqueness, and fulfillment of purpose in all individuals.  Landi is a charismatic and influential leader with 15 years of Motivational Speaking and over 10 years of experience in Mentoring and Coaching. LaLa Speakx was founded to help motivate individuals towards reaching their fullest potential by teaching tips and tools to help break through the many barriers that can so often appear throughout life. 

As a Professional Woman in IT Innovation, Landi has the opportunity of mentoring and coaching middle, high school and college STEM students, encouraging them to pursue the field of study.  With the diminishing numbers of minorities and females in STEM, Landi speaks to students across the nation about the importance of investing in STEM learning and why it is beneficial for them to pursue.  

In addition to LaLa Speakx, Landi serves with her husband as the Family Life Ministry Leaders at their church in Bowie, Maryland. The overall focus is on making the family unit – regardless of family structure – whole, by providing mentoring, marriage seminars, single- parenting seminars, and other ministry services. Landi has volunteered at women’s shelters, fed the homeless, visited children at the Children’s Hospitals in Atlanta and Washington DC, volunteered at local high schools, fundraised for debilitating diseases, and traveled to Panama and built schools for elementary school children. 

fullsizerenderThe core values that she espouses are directly derived from her desire to strengthen the next generation of leaders and create a strong supportive community base.  Landi believes that this can be achieved when we help coach and mentor individuals into their full potential and specific purpose while providing them with the tools to be resilient against the challenges that will come with life’s journey. 

Where It All Matters

This is when I began to wake up and live… All throughout my federal career, I have had the opportunity to both formally and informally mentor individuals seeking to further advance their careers or make life-changing decisions.  It was through these many opportunities that I discovered my purpose and passion through mentoring and coaching.

Are you ready to live a meaningful and exceptional life?  Do you have goals and dreams that you aren’t sure  where to start?  Contact me and I’ll help you every step of the way to success.  I’m here to help…