Version Me.x

How many times have you compared yourself to others?  Was that a useful and beneficial activity?  Did you feel empowered after that exercise?  I bet it was a waste of time and left you feeling despondent.

Let’s think of this as “versioning control” for your life.  In the software engineering world, software packages are labeled by certain versions numbers to help identify what features they include.  As more features are developed, then the current version, for example Version 12.3 is upgraded to either Version 13 or Version 12.4 – depending on the type of changes made.  Version Me.x takes you as you currently are, and focuses on enhancing you to your next best version, while keeping in mind that you are never dissatisfied or discontent with your current version, but are simply living in your current state, preparing to upgrade.

Version Me.x shifts focus from others to you… just you! How did YOU do yesterday?  How do you plan on doing better than your yesterday, today?  The versioning control for LIFE.  It only requires you to improve from your past… Your “YOU of Yesterday” is the ONLY competition for your “YOU of Today!

It is NEVER beneficial for anyone comparing their Chapter 3 with someone else’s “perceived” Chapter 20.  Do yourself a favor and WORRY ‘BOUT YOURSELF! Then growth will take place. Are you ready?