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13V (13 Virtues) Webinar

Registration: $19.95
13V takes a more in-depth view at one of the steps in the Me.x series.  Improving Your Character is a necessary step to becoming a better YOU!  This seminar provides real life application to each virtue and challenges you to incorporate them in your own lives.

The Passionate Leader Webinar

Registration: $24.95
What makes a good leader, a great one? What will differentiate you from other leaders?  How do you lead a group of individuals towards success and keep them motivated and driven toward the goal? This webinar gives each leader proven tools that help develop your team into being a responsive, productive, and effective team driven toward success.  This can be achieved by making a few tweaks and changes in leadership style by first serving your team.  Find out how with The Passionate Leader Webinar.

Leadership At Your Service Webinar

Registration: $12.95
Effective Leadership begins as a service to your team.  Virtues such as humility and sincerity build teams  that are ready for success. This webinar provides tips on how to maximize these skills and apply them consistently to create a more effective and successful team.

Balance It! Webinar

Registration: $24.95
Life can be filled with many demands and competing priorities.  This webinar provides tips and tools that are helpful in balancing life’s demands so you can maximize your potential for greater success.

If you are a student, and register with a valid school email account, the webinars will be available to you for $9.

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